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Dabur Honitus Cough Remedy Syrup

By Dabur

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Dabur Honitus Cough Remedy Syrup

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Product Facts

Pack Type Plastic Bottle
Package Content 100 ml / 3.35 oz
Usage / Expiry 6 Months
Additional Information Not Applicable

Product Description

Dabur Honitus Cough Syrup is a Honey-based herbal syrup that is fortified with Tulsi, Mulethi & Banapsha. This herbal syrup attacks cough at its roots, and provides fast relief. Dabur Honitus causes no drowsiness. Effective relief from cough. No side effects.

* Honey - Soothes throat and relieves cough instantly.
* Tulsi - Effective Decongestant.
* Mulethi - Sorw throat reliever.
* Suthi - Relives throat pain.
* Banapsha - Expectoran.

As directed by a physician.